Introduction about our business

Investment Plans

American JL Investment Group is principally engaged in the production and sale of electronic commerce, trade and investment

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Environmental Projects

Actively expand environmental protection projects, and actively carry out cooperation with the government

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Electronic Market

Based on the location advancement, we plan to build a world's mechanical and electronic product distribution center

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We have experience in many fields

Our project is not only about IT products, but also in architecture, Video industry and IDC

IDC and lab work

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Video Surveillance

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Intelligent Building

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We have cooperation with many organization

Our CEO visit and participate many world-wide activities to find our best friends

Our Culture

To know about our culture

Organizational Culture

Pragmatic and efficient
Treat customers honestly
Treat colleagues respectfully
Treat yourself humbly
Treat company loyally

Corporate purposes

To create a harmonious sense of service
to win the trust of our customers

Words from CEO

Attitude determines everything
Details make success
Waiting is the source of failure,
action is the beginning of success

Questions and Answers

What service do you provide with our customer?
American JL Investment Group mainly engaged in e-commerce, communication equipment manufacturing and agricultural trade.
What is our business?

1. We are a provider of online trading platform for negotiations of businesses or individuals.

2. We make full use of China's labor resources and low-cost manufacturing advantage, the investment of the equipment manufacturing industry, the production of equipment for the US market, continue to meet the needs of the US market.

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