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Biography for Mr. Luo Rong

Mr. Luo Rong is the founder, Chairman of the board and General Manager of Guangzhou Rongye Communication Technology Co., Ltd., a leading provider of internet data centers in China. Since its establishment in 2012, Rongye business revenue has increased steadily. In 2014 Rongye was a profitable enterprise and in 2015 the business income of nearly 30 million RMB.

Mr. Luo Rong, 51, oversees the strategic direction Rongye, Ronyge consist of over five departments, and leads the industry with best in class technologies and operating platform’s. Ronyge’s deploys more than 100 individuals across system projects, network integrations, smart building, information collection edition software design and communication technology maintenance. Among Ronyge recent accomplishments include the development of UnionPay, a high-capacity information platform system on which 2000 messages can be sent every second and allowing for the simultaneous use by over 20,000 individuals.

Mr. Luo Rong founded Rongye in 2012. Prior to founding Ronyge, Mr. Luo, had a diverse career in both the private and public sector in Guangzhou, China.


Among Mr. Luo Rong’s career highlights:

Secretary of the office of the secretary of post and Telecommunications of Guangdong Province. In this role, Mr. Luo led the drafting of the ten year development plan “Guangdong Province, 1991-2000 ten years of communication development planning”, in which he was instrumental in focusing on opening information for China’s post and telecommunications network as well as promoting the creation of a national network of China’s value-added telecommunications business.

During his tenure with the Guangdong Telecom Industry Management Office – which has responsibility for communication products into the network detection – Mr. Luo was instrumental in the early success of HUAWEI Technology Co. by helping to design the “Guangdong Province communication products trial license” and allows the trial in the around the city. This trial license was critical in fostering the entrepreneurial environment that was critical to HUAWEI and other technology service providers success.